The manor haunted house in Atlanta is a terrifying walk-through of a demented manor that was built by a deranged mind.

Evil has infested this once beautiful estate. Within the rotting walls, crumbling furniture, and dusty tombs, the corrupted and twisted souls of its former victims stalk anyone unlucky enough to be… caught inside. Are you ready to visit The Manor? Read More >>

Asylum 67 is a brand new attraction at this Georgia haunted house.

In the late 1960’s, the Georgia State Asylum is mired in reports of illegal activities, and rumors persist of far more insidious horrors within its walls. Those who investigated were never heard from again. Are you brave… enough to see what awaits you in the darkest corners of Asylum ’67? Read More >>

  • A Chucky doll smiles eerily at Folklore Haunted House's new manor attraction.
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